Relationships are necessary, mostly comforting, sometimes exasperating.

And sometimes they need a little help.

Yes! I Want to Be a Relationship Hero

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Relationships are also challenging. On purpose.

They challenge us to reach for love—for ourselves and for others. The one sure fire way to bring passion and connection into your relationship... And the one sure fire way to bring your relationship back from a painful edge...

Is gut-level honest communication.

If you aren't skilled at this, and honestly, most of us aren't initially, my Guide will help. You can get it over there. ??

Growing in our relationships helps us grow up into love, which is why we’re here on planet earth. The idea is that there’s enough love to hold us together while we grow as individuals.

I have toolbox stuffed with tools to help you
be a hero in your life and relationship.
Here are a few key tools.

Relationship Assessment

In this single 90-minute session, I will tell you where your relationship is stuck. I can also tell you approximately how long it could take, and what it will require of each of you, to turn things around. You can then decide if you want to. This information is invaluable if you want to stay together and even more valuable if you’re not sure. Many times the wall we hit is a life challenge we would hit whether we were i...

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Having Difficult Conversations

 If you want peace or passion back in your relationship, having a deeply honest conversation is a great first step. Sometimes we need help, the right kind of help, to talk to each other, to say those things that need to be said but we don't know how to say, or are afraid to say. It's vulnerable to speak hard things. AND, it's the only thing that will bring healing and passion back to your relationship. It's a vital ski...

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Jeannine’s Thoughts

Sacred Apologies -

Sacred Apology vid 2 -
Setting It Up

Sacred Apology vid 3 -
Apology in practice


You are the prime mover in your relationship. Neither marital therapy nor relationship coaching will fix your relationship. You do that. My job is to reflect the state of your relationship back to you where you can see it full on, in all its beauty and blemishes. Then we work together in a conscious way to make effective changes that heal and soothe, and bring contentedness back to your relating.

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Jeannine Lee

After my kids left home things started to change for me. I’d been the main caregiver and now I wanted to spread my wings and fly. But the structure of our relationship couldn’t accommodate that. That’s when “my cage started rattling” as I called it. I was coming apart at the seams. My health was waning, my happiness was gone. Something had to change. I made them change. I became the hero in my own life.

My Story