Jeannine Lee Mar 16, 2021

Intro To Relationship

Relationships are on my mind, especially new ones. I pop into a divorce, separation and dating group on Facebook every once in a while and leave some breadcrumbs of my wisdom. The questions I see posted there show me the state of modern relationships. It isn’t pretty. One thing that would help a lot of them is to understand the stages of a relationship.

Everybody Loves the Romantic Stage

The first stage is the Romantic Stage. Everybody loves the romantic stage. What most people don’t understand is that it only lasts 18 months to 2 years. Then it’s done. And guess what, most relationships end at the 2 year mark. When the warm feelings wear off many assume they are with the wrong partner. They aren’t. It’s time to for the relationship to go deeper.

I will be focused on helping you understand the five stages of a relationship. I’m hopeful the dating world will be opening up soon, it will help you to know the stages your relationship will go through so you don’t bail too soon. I wish for you to have relationship success!

Here are the stages:

  • Romantic Stage
  • Power Struggle or Conflict Stage
  • Stability or Stasis Stage
  • Commitment Stage
  • Co-Creation Stage

Stay tuned!