I am Not Your Usual Mediator

What is a “Usual” Mediator?

A mediator is a neutral third party who helps you work through differences and come to important agreements, hopefully agreements you both feel good about.

You may not be able to work out the tricky areas on your own.  The topics are too personal, emotions are too big, and sometimes the wounds are too deep to push through to a solution. This is especially true if someone’s heart has been betrayed.

I am Not Your Usual Mediator

Yes, I will help you come to agreements like any other mediator, but my approach is different.  My background as a Relationship Systems Coach means we can tap into the wisdom of your relationship in creative ways allowing for unusually creative results.

Relationships are generative, yes, even struggling relationships. You, and a waitress you don’t even know, can generate a glass of water. Our brainstorming sessions can generate ideas that are still in formulation.

Discover And Express Your Needs

  • I will help you say the hard things you need to say in a way that your partner can actually hear them.
  • You will learn to clarify what you mean, keep things on a positive note, and how to listen for each others’ needs.
  • I will also teach you how to take care of each others’ nervous systems so you’re not shocked and jolted and can stay in conversation. This is important.

Jeannine, thank you again for the space you hold. It has been invaluable to have you present during this time and helping us navigate a huge part of our lives. R&K, CO

Heart Mediation:

  • Allows the time and space you need to explore into the far reaching impact of your decisions.
  • Gives place and grace to discover and express why you want what you want.
  • Uses a needs-based approach. We want to know why you want what you want so we can meet that need. This can take many forms. The best solution may not be the most obvious one.
  • Allows ample time to brainstorm and weigh many options. Not every option arises quickly. Not every option is viable. All options must be weighed in light of your ultimate goals.
  • Honors all viewpoints, which allows a solution to arise naturally and organically, becoming obvious to all.
  • Allow for the time you need for your insides to rearrange and align with your outer world that is also rearranging.

Your Next Step:

Schedule a free initial conversation about how Heart Mediation could work for you. Here’s a link to 30-minutes on my calendar.