Jeannine Lee Apr 10, 2020

Orgasmic Meditation

I love my meditation time and I’m very protective of it. It’s my time to drop in to myself, to let the world go, to feel that oneness with All That Is, which, although I find it in other places, I’ve found most profoundly through meditation. Sometimes I can drop easily into it—the peace is right there, welcoming me like a warm bath. Sometimes I can’t.

Some Times It’s Just a Damn Fight

Sometimes thoughts crawl all over me like bored children demanding my attention. I try to put them aside but they come back even more persistent. Sometimes they are like loud banging on the bathroom door.  Sometimes it’s like they quietly slip a note under the door. “You forgot to feed the cat.” It’s still a distraction.

A Correlation Between a Powerful Orgasm and a Powerful Meditation

I’m not talking about one leading to the other, although they might. I’m talking about the similarities between them. Sometimes an orgasm knocks your socks off. At other times even the most persistent attempts are just a big yawn. Meditation is like that too. Both have a lot to do with presence and a quiet to-do list, or at least the ability to turn away from the to-do list in order to be present. There are Big O’s and little o’s. There are Big M’s and little m’s too.


I hope this will encourage you not to give up when mediation doesn’t feel like it’s working. It doesn’t mean you’re inept, or hopeless, or that you’ll never “get it.” It’s a practice. Sometimes our efforts accomplish what we want, sometimes they don’t. It’s all ok. Just the fact that we took the time creates space for more presence next time. It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.  The powerful times make it worth persisting through the ho-hum. Breaking through to that place of peace is sooo sweet and so worth the effort.