Jeannine Lee Mar 30, 2021

Attract Your Best

Let’s talk about how we can influence our relationships by the internal thought life we carry around with us. By now we realize that successful relationships start with SELF, yes? It takes a while to get that, but once we do, it can change everything.

The attitudes with which we approach anything, including people important to us, have a LOT to do with what we watch play out in front of us. Attitudes are internal beliefs that create our reality. The way we see things has a lot to do with our internal state of being.  Our attitudes are influenced by our experiences, including people we listen to. They can be positive and productive or negative and unproductive.

Positive attitudes have a power all their own.

Here are a few that are important for you to adopt if you are single looking for love, a parent wanting to relate better to a child, you want to relate better at work, or want to mend a broken relationship. They are written in the form of affirmations. As you read, you might want to feel into each one. Close your eyes and imagine what it will be like when you are living these. Internalize them. Take them in.

  1. I keep my desires in mind but I am not attached to the way they will come to fruition.
  2. I do my best to live and “be” in the present.
  3. I love, accept, and trust myself.
  4. I trust my ability to create what I want and need.
  5. I strive to connect first. A child, friend or partner is someone to love, not to conquer.
  6. I let go of what others think about me. What others judge in me is about them.
  7. I do my best to be authentic by being fully honest with others, and myself. 
  8. I know who I am and align my words, values, and actions.
  9. I do my best to live my life with intention.
  10. I make my choices with awareness of both my goals and consequences of the actions I take.
  11. I assume abundance, trusting that the opportunities and resources I need will be made known to me.
  12. I recognize that I am the prime mover in my life. I don’t wait on others. 
  13. I take responsibility for my outcomes by taking initiative in my life and relationships.
  14. I take necessary risks, overcome my fears, and stretch beyond my comfort zone.

Now consider the opposite.

We all know what it’s like to live from these awful places, but again, feel into each one as you read.  

  • Pessimism/cynicism
  • Fear of rejection
  • Jealousy/envy
  • Pushing your agenda
  • Believing you need to “sell” yourself
  • Letting life, others, circumstances make your decisions
  • Scarcity thinking

Seeing them contrasted like this just makes you want to lean toward the positive all the time, doesn’t it?