Exploratory Coaching is a fun and enlightening experience.

As we explore we are not looking at “who did what, or is doing what, to whom.” Instead we seek to discover what is wanting to happen.

Once we know what is wanting to happen, we take steps to get there.

  • You might find renewed hope.
  • You may get clear it is time to end the relationship.
  • You may get excited about new possibilities.
  • You may decide you want to put things on pause for a while.

One thing is for certain… you have clarity. That’s priceless.

Exploratory Coaching is for You If...

  • You know you can’t stay in the relationship the way it is
  • You’re ready to give up on your relationship out of boredom, fear, or an inner compulsion to have something better or different
  • You are still committed to your spouse but feel wretched inside
  • One of you has already moved out or mentioned divorce and you aren’t sure what to do next
  • You would like to explore what it is that you are running towards, instead of just fleeing from something unknown.

Most people would choose to save their relationship if they believed it could be different/better. They are equally as certain that they don’t want it if it is going to be the same ole same ole.

There aren’t many options out there for simply exploring what your relationship wants without entertaining an expected outcome or having a lurking fear of being conned to get back into something you don’t want.

Thanks to this type of exploratory coaching, you don’t have to know if you want it or not. You can relax as we explore possibilities, speak honestly, calm your nervous system, put some white space around you, and buy you some time, all without any expected outcome. We will let solutions arise naturally.

Exploratory Coaching Does...

  • Identifies the needs and wants of each of you
  • Points out the damaging behaviors in your relationship and educates you to let them go
  • Discovers your purpose as a couple. What’s your story? Is your current story ending? Is it time to invent a new one?
  • Listens to the voice of your relationship to discover what wants to happen next
  • Focuses on relationship dynamics
  • Solution-oriented, pro-active and forward-moving.
  • Capitalizes on strengths within your power imbalances and personality differences
  • Prompts your self-discovery so you can be your best you whether you stay together or go separate ways.

Exploratory Coaching Does Not...

  • Promise you will get back together
  • Point fingers, focus on blame
  • Is not concerned with who did what to whom
  • Delve into your childhood histories
  • Take a long time.