Jeannine Lee Dec 31, 2020

2020: The Year of Deepening

2020 has been one helluva year, yes? Many of us are glad to turn a corner to a new year, hoping the next one will be easier on us. No matter what kind of year you’ve had, it will serve you to champion the strengths you leaned on, both old and new, to get you through.

You’ve done some great things this year.

Maybe not external, but internal. Maybe you didn’t travel abroad, but instead explored your inner landscape. Maybe you didn’t make a lot of new friends, but instead deepened friendships you had. Maybe you put big goals on hold and instead followed minute daily goals that kept you going.

I’m convinced this was a year for deepening.

The superficial hasn’t been able to survive in 2020 in the same way a shallow rooted tree can’t survive gale force winds. 2020 taught us to deepen…or let go. It takes a deeper kind of looking to identity all that we did do this year. It’s worth the effort.

My start of the year practice is different this year.

For 20 some years my “theme” for the year has shown up toward the end of December. This year is different. I don’t have a clue what my theme is, maybe I don’t get to know, or perhaps even Spirit doesn’t know what to say. This year I will be capturing insights from 2020 and from that, intuiting what wants to come forward for 2021.