Having Difficult Conversation

 If you want peace or passion back in your relationship, having a deeply honest conversation is a great first step. Sometimes we need help, the right kind of help, to talk to each other, to say those things that need to be said but we don’t know how to say, or are afraid to say. It’s vulnerable to speak hard things. AND, it’s the only thing that will bring healing and passion back to your relationship. It’s a vital skill to learn for relationship health. Avoiding only works for a little while. It is a dangerous long-term solution.

  • Are there certain topics that you and your partner have never been able to discuss and have built your relationship around avoiding?
  • Have you asked for something you need over and over but it never happens?
  • Have you heard promise after promise that things will change but they don’t?
  • Do the two of you need to make an important decision but can’t agree? 
  • Do you fight over parenting, money, intimacy and other things and want to find some common ground?
  • Have you triggered each other in the same ways so many times you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to trust again?
  • Do you concede over and over to keep the peace but secretly feel resentful?

People part ways because of unresolved conversations all the time. We avoid important discussions trying to keep the peace, but in the end the issues don’t go away. They just pile up. And they can take on a life of their own, bleeding into the day-to-day.

Want Your Peace or Passion Back?

For split couples, having these conversations makes ongoing communications around business or family go better. For together couples, the passion your relationship wants is on the other side of your being honest about what you want, and don’t want—about how much that insult hurt. About how afraid you are when your partner spends too much money, or yells at you, or works too much, or ignores you, or, or, or. There are lots of things couples aren’t honest about. It just seems easier. And it is…until it isn’t.

I’ve facilitated difficult conversations concerning multiple affairs, respect issues, pornography issues, financial withholding and more. These clients are brave. It takes courage to go to these hard places but it will change your future. It also changes you in positive ways you can’t imagine right now.

Where To Begin

We start softly, learning about you, and the two of you together. We soften the emotional field before moving into anything challenging. We create a soft space and make agreements about how you want it to feel as we progress. A safe space is vital for you to speak openly and honestly. There is no judgment here. It’s about cleaning things up. That’s all. You will be amazed at the lightness you feel and the ease with which you relate after bravely having these important discussions.

Call me. Let’s talk about what is on your heart that needs to be unburdened.