Jeannine Lee Mar 23, 2021

John and Debbie from CO

I, John, went through Jeannine’s divorce recovery class when Debbie and I were divorcing for the second time. I was a wreck. I learned so much in that class and in her Discovery class, that I started making big, and overdue, changes in my life. I was proud of myself. I liked who I was becoming.

I, Debbie, wasn’t really happy being divorced but I couldn’t live with John the way things were. We weren’t good together. When I saw John making changes I thought maybe we could try again.

That is when we started working with Jeannine. At first we needed to see her often. There was so much to figure out. So much baggage from our past.

So many hurts to work through, and new things to learn so we didn’t blow things apart again. We didn’t trust each other very much.

Jeannine knows a lot about how relationships work and what goes wrong when they don’t work. She helped us strengthen our weaknesses, avoid some pitfalls, and take charge of our needs in the relationship.