Sacred Apology vid 2 – Setting It Up

The Sacred Apology – A Three-Part Video Series

Apologies are virtual miracle workers in any human relationship. We are humans. We hurt each other, dang it anyway. It’s just the way it is. And isn’t it wonderful that we have this tool called “apology” that allows us to turn those hurts into stronger bonds? Maybe that’s part of the big plan. Without an apology we are in danger of the bond fraying into nothingness.

Whether it’s with a partner, a boss or co-worker, a parent or siblings. All can be strengthened by understanding and using an apology.

Apologies are SO powerful that I’ve come to call them Sacred Apologies—not only for their role in mending a relationship but because of what they require IN US as we reach deep into our heart to reach another, and are transformed by it.

  • Video One is an introduction into the art of apology and why I think they are sacred.
  • Video Two instructs you how to set up your apology in a way that makes a difference to the heart of the other.
  • Video Three shows this simple process in practice. Learn how it has worked for others.

Neither marital therapy nor relationship coaching will fix your relationship. You do that. My job is to reflect the state of your relationship back to you where you can see it full on, in all its beauty and blemishes. Then we work together to make comforting changes that heal and soothe, and bring contentedness back to your relating.

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